Save Our Water

Report water leaks, broken sprinklers, over-watering due to malfunctioning controllers, or anything resulting in water waste.

Have you ever seen a broken sprinkler shooting water into the street?  Or have you walked through mud in the park in the middle of summer?  Well, you don’t have to just shake your head and think that somebody ought to do something.  Now you can do something by reporting water leaks and wasteful water use right here.  Your message will be routed to the appropriate water agency and they will make sure to get the problem fixed ASAP.  Your report can be anonymous if you like, or you can provide your contact information; it’s up to you.  You can even upload a photo of the location if you like.

Nobody likes to see water being wasted, especially the person who is wasting it because they have to pay the bill!  Most wasteful water use occurs simply because people don’t realize that it’s happening. They would fix the problem if they knew about it. helps us help each other.  When a report is made, the appropriate water provider will inform their customer of the problem and counsel them as to how much water could be wasted from the leak (and how much it could cost!).  Nobody is going to issue a citation or anything like that. is just a way to get the information to the right person to fix a problem.

Tehachapi area water providers thank you for helping us ensure that everyone has enough water by reporting water waste when you see it.